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An inspiring interview with Fabio Scalini, the author of Mordraud.

Name: Fabio Scalini
Age: 33
Where are you from: Ravenna, Italy

A little about yourself, ie your education Family life etc
I have an odd education path: scientific high school, graduated in industrial design, but at the same time I studied 10 years of classical music in a “Conservatorio”. I’m a former classical musician, a former designer, a former a-lot-of-stuff.
I worked in many italian (and some european) orchestras when I was young. Later, I was a worker in a factory, a dock surveyor, a mailman, a 3D modeller. I always loved to work.
In the meantime, I wrote a lot. I started to write when I was 20’, during the long train journeys I made for reaching the orchestras. I quitted writing many times, but I always restarted. Working, playing and writing are my life since I was a teen.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?
I’m out with my second novel, the Book Two of Mordraud. It’s the second volume of a fantasy saga that I began 13 years ago. I completed the saga in italian and now we are translating and publishing every volume one after another. I’m not the translator! It’s a professional translation. My english is very bad (sorry!). I presented the first volume at Comic-Con San Diego 2014. This year we presented again at SDCC the second one.

link to full interview

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