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I’m not a musician, although I was in the past. I’m just a novelist. When I write I need tracks that help me work, but I don’t always manage to find the right sound. So I decided to compose and play my own music, to use it as surroundings to my stories. This here is an excerpt from my repertoire.
Pieces like these are the creative foundations to my characters, their tales and their intertwined fates.
Fabio Scalini, author of the Mordraud saga.

Soundtrack for chap. 34, Mordraud – Book Two: NIGHT WORK
Imagine a night, a shadow and a bourne: a man have to die.

Soundtrack for chap. 32, Mordraud – Book One: BROTHERS REUNITED
Can you be my brother, if I have to kill you?

Soundtrack for chap. 16, Mordraud – Book One: ONE DAY BEHIND THE RAMPART
Wind blows over rusty wreckages and rotten corpses. The immense Rampart hides a distant roar of clashing swords and dying horses.